Circuits and dynamics of temporal control

Lab Members

Devika Narain
Dr. Devika Narain (D.)
Assistant Professor
Lab Head
Francesca Fiocchi
Francesca Fiocchi
Phd Student
Julius Koppen
Julius Koppen
Master Student
Marit Runge
Marit Runge
Research Technician

Recent Publications

Bayesian computations through latent cortical dynamics.

H. Sohn*, D. Narain * , N. Mierhaege* & M. Jazayeri
in Neuron 2019

Flexible timing by temporal scaling of cortical responses.

J. Wang*, D. Narain * et al.
in Nature neuroscience 2018

A dynamical systems perspective on flexible motor timing.

E.D. Remington*, S.W. Egger*, D. Narain, J. Wang & M. Jazayeri
in Trends in Cognitive Science 2018

Flexible sensorimotor computations through rapid reconfiguration of cortical dynamics.

E.D. Remington, D. Narain, E.A. Hosseini, and M. Jazayeri
in Neuron 2018

A cerebellar mechanism for learning prior distributions of time intervals.

D. Narain, E.D. Remington, C.I. De Zeeuw, & M. Jazayeri
in Nature Communications 2018
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