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Dr. Devika Narain (D.)


Dr. Narain is the principal investigator of the "Circuits and Dynamics lab" at the Neuroscience department of Erasmus Medical University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Her group combines mathematics, engineering, and neuroscience methods to investigate how neural circuits generate sophisticated timing behaviors. This work is funded by NWO's Vidi grant. Before returning to the Netherlands, she was a postdoctoral fellow at MIT's McGovern Institute for Brain Research at Prof. Mehrdad Jazayeri's lab. This work was funded by NWO's Rubicon grant and afterward a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship. She was also trained at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, and the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tuebingen, Germany. She holds degrees in engineering, cognitive science, and neuroscience and studied in Bangalore, Munich, and Amsterdam. ( For more information :


1. Bayesian computations through latent cortical dynamics.

H. Sohn*, D. Narain * , N. Mierhaege* & M. Jazayeri
in Neuron 2019

2. Flexible timing by temporal scaling of cortical responses.

J. Wang*, D. Narain * et al.
in Nature neuroscience 2018

3. A dynamical systems perspective on flexible motor timing.

E.D. Remington*, S.W. Egger*, D. Narain, J. Wang & M. Jazayeri
in Trends in Cognitive Science 2018

4. Flexible sensorimotor computations through rapid reconfiguration of cortical dynamics.

E.D. Remington, D. Narain, E.A. Hosseini, and M. Jazayeri
in Neuron 2018

5. A cerebellar mechanism for learning prior distributions of time intervals.

D. Narain, E.D. Remington, C.I. De Zeeuw, & M. Jazayeri
in Nature Communications 2018

6. Structure learning and the Occam's razor principle: A new view of human function acquisition

D. Narain, J.B.J. Smeets, P. Mamassian, E. Brenner, R.J. van Beers
in Front. Comput. Neurosci. 2014

7. Sensorimotor priors in nonstationary environments.

D. Narain, R.J. van Beers, J.B.J. Smeets, and E. Brenner
in Journal of Neurophysiology 2013

8. How the statistics of sequential presentation influence the learning of structure.

D. Narain, P. Mamassian, R.J. van Beers, J.B.J. Smeets, E. Brenner
in PloS One 2013
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