Members of the department of Neuroscience play an important role in the Bachelor Medicine of Erasmus University. All anatomy and physiology is taught by teachers/professors working at our department.  We also teach in the master Clinical Technology of Erasmus University and the Nanobiology Bachelor and Master program of Erasmus MC/TU Delft. Students from these or other studies have their internships at various lab groups.

The department hosts the Research Master’s Program in Neuroscience, a two-year program with the objective to train talented students for future fundamental research in various medical fields in neuroscience.

What do our students do after finishing the RM Neuroscience programme?
We visited Daphne, Thomas and Martyna, three of our alumni. Click on their names to find out more about them.

An introduction to their stories can be found here: Life after the RM Neuroscience programme, highlights