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Dr. Ines Serra


I obtained my Pharmaceutical Sciences degree (BSc and MSc) from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. During this time, I worked on several research projects, both within university and hospital contexts, focusing on cancer cell targeting. Following my MSc thesis on cancer-associated fibroblasts and my pharmacy training, I moved to the University of Cambridge, UK (Dr. Ewan Smith's lab). Here, I switched into the nervous system field, working on dorsal root ganglia and pain. Afterwards, I moved to the University of Reading, UK to start my PhD. In collaboration with GW Pharmaceuticals, I studied the effect of cannabidiol in tuberous sclerosis complex, concentrating on the development of neuropsychiatric dysfunction and epilepsy (Dr. Ben Whalley and Dr. Claire Williams' labs). Having finished my PhD research, I now moved to the EMC (Dr. Badura's lab) where I am working on immune and cerebellar contributions to the development of autism spectrum disorder-like traits.



PhD in Neuroscience

in Reading UK


Pharmacist Training

in Isabel Folhas PT


MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences

in Coimbra PT


BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences

in Coimbra PT