Gijs  Thepass


  • +31 010 70 43383
  • Room: Ee-1453
  • Dr. Molewaterplein 40, Faculty Building, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Gijs Thepass (G.)

  • Phd Student
  • Erasmus MC


1. The Effect of Cataract on Eye Movement Perimetry.

Thepass G, Pel JJ, Vermeer KA, Creten O, Bryan SR, Lemij HG, van der Steen J
in Journal of ophthalmology 2015

2. Validity and Repeatability of Saccadic Response Times Across the Visual Field in Eye Movement Perimetry

Pel, J. J., van Beijsterveld, M. C., Thepass, G., & van der Steen, J
in ransl Vis Sci Technol 2013
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