Eric  Lowet


Eric Lowet


1. Theta and gamma rhythmic coding through two spike output modes in the hippocampus during spatial navigation

Eric Lowet, Daniel J Sheehan, Ulises Chialva, Rodrigo De Oliveira Pena, Rebecca A Mount, Sheng Xiao, Samuel L Zhou, Hua-an Tseng, Howard Gritton, Sanaya Shroff, Krishnakanth Kondabolu, Cyrus Cheung, Yangyang Wang, Kiryl D Piatkevich, Edward S Boyden, Jerome Mertz, Michael E Hasselmo, Horacio G Rotstein, Xue Han
in Cell Reports 2023

2. Striatal cholinergic interneuron membrane voltage tracks locomotor rhythms in mice

Sanaya N Shroff, Eric Lowet, Sudiksha Sridhar, Howard J Gritton, Mohammed Abumuaileq, Hua-An Tseng, Cyrus Cheung, Samuel L Zhou, Krishnakanth Kondabolu, Xue Han
in Nature Communications 2023

3. Deep brain stimulation creates informational lesion through membrane depolarization in mouse hippocampus

Eric Lowet, Krishnakanth Kondabolu, Samuel Zhou, Rebecca A Mount, Yangyang Wang, Cara R Ravasio, Xue Han
in Nature Communications 2022

4. Empirically constrained network models for contrast-dependent modulation of gamma rhythm in V1.

Margarita Zachariou, Mark J. Roberts, Eric Lowet, Peter De Weerd, Avgis Hadjipapas
in NeuroImage 2021

5. Large-scale voltage imaging in behaving mice using targeted illumination

Sheng Xiao, Eric Lowet, Howard J Gritton, Pierre Fabris, Yangyang Wang, Jack Sherman, Rebecca A Mount, Hua-an Tseng, Heng-Ye Man, Christoph Straub, Kiryl D Piatkevich, Edward S Boyden, Jerome Mertz, Xue Han
in Iscience 2021

6. Ultrafast Voltage Imaging of Single Neurons at Ten Kilohertz in Behaving Mice

Eric Lowet, Sheng Xiao, Jerome Mertz, Xue Han
in Frontiers in Optics 2021

7. Singular spectrum analysis improves analysis of local field potentials from macaque V1 in active fixation task.

Pietro Bonizzi, Joël M. H. Karel, Peter De Weerd, Eric Lowet, Mark J. Roberts, Ronald L. Westra, Olivier Meste, Ralf Peeters
in 2012
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