Elias  Fernandez Santoro
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Ir. Elias Fernandez Santoro (EM)


Elias completed a Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering and a Master in Biomedical Engineering at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands). He devised a Master cursus that, within the biomechatronics track, combined an internship at the Ben-Gurion University (Beersheba, Israel) working on motor adaptation, and a Master Thesis in computational neuroscience in collaboration with the Neuroscience Department of Erasmus Medical Center (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). After finishing his Master’s study, Elias became the lab coordinator of the Neuro Muscular Control laboratory at Delft University and a teaching assistant participating in the design of a new course entitled Dynamical Systems in Neuroscience and Computational Modeling. Elias is currently a PhD candidate at the Erasmus MC Neuroscience department under the supervision of Mario Negrello for the ArborIO project as part of the European Human Brain Project.



Master of Science

in Biomedical Engineering Delft University of Technology


Bachelor of Science

in Aerospace Engineering Delft University of Technology