Ribosome Stalling, tRNAs, and Neuronal Homeostasis

5:00pm - 6:30pm
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Dr. Susan Ackerman

Abstract Using an unbiased genetic approach in mice, our lab has identified several novel molecular mechanisms that underlie CNS development and neuron death, including a chemically-induced mutation in a previously unstudied ribosome rescue factor. Forward genetics identified an epistatic mutation in a highly expressed, CNS-specific tRNA. Interestingly, loss of function of this cytoplasmic tRNA independent of the second mutation, is sufficient to change seizure threshold, synaptic function, translation efficiency, and multiple neuronal signaling pathways. These results underscore the importance of individual members of these multicopy RNA families in modulating neuron function.

Ribosome Stalling, tRNAs, and Neuronal Homeostasis


Martijn Schonewille