Inhibitory circuits in sensory processing and sensory-guided behaviour

5:00pm - 6:30pm
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Prof. Dr. Sonja Hofer

My research group studies the neural basis of sensory perception and sensory-guided decision making, focusing on neocortical and thalamic circuits. We aim to understand how the brain processes visual information, how visual neural networks are shaped by experience and learning, and how they integrate visual signals with other, internal information in order to interpret the outside world and guide our actions. We use a wide array of methods in rodents, including high-resolution in vivo imaging techniques, quantitative animal behaviour, electrophysiology, and genetic tools to trace and manipulate neural circuits. My talk will focus on our recent studies investigating the roles of different cortical and subcortical inhibitory circuits during sensory processing, how these circuits change during learning to facilitate perceptual decision-making, and how they can regulate sensory-guided behaviour to allow flexible reactions to environmental challenges.


Devika Narain