Mechanisms of neuronal polarity: cytoskeleton remodeling and cargo sorting

5:00pm - 6:00pm
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Prof. Dr. Casper Hoogenraad

16:00–16:50 Q&A with PhD candidates and Postdoc’s / 17:00–18:00 Lecture Abstract: Cell polarization generates morphological and functional asymmetry, and is crucial for the development and proper functioning of many cell types. During early stages of neuronal development, axon formation is a crucial step in breaking symmetry and establishing neuronal polarization. Microtubules are a major determinant in the establishment of the axon and, because of their inherent polarity, are well suited to provide the structural basis for neuronal polarization. I will discuss our efforts to identify the molecular processes that control microtubule remodeling and dynamics during the early stages of neuronal development. Our recent work has found key factors that control neuronal polarization by setting up axon-specific microtubule organization and selective cargo trafficking.


Dick Jaarsma