The Panta Rei Symposium

The Panta Rei Symposium

We are pleased to invite you to the inaugural Panta Rei symposium, which will take place on September 14th, 2023 at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. This unique event will focus on the use of ultrasound imaging and neuromodulation in the human brain, and features an impressive line-up of speakers including renowned researchers such as Mickael Tanter, Grégoire Courtine, and Jocelyne Bloch. Topics to be explored include brain hemodynamics at the micron-scale, the use of ultrasonic waves to stimulate neurons, and language localization in patients undergoing awake brain surgery.


Our goal with the Panta Rei symposium is to bring together individuals who share a passion for ultrasound and the brain, and to advance this exciting field. We invite you to join us and be part of this important event. 

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We hope to see you all on September 14th!