Neuroscience BAD Award Winner 2022, BIO Art & Design

Neuroscience BAD Award Winner 2022, BIO Art & Design

This year’s winners were selected out of a long list of 120 proposals by artists and designers from all over the world, who responded to the Open Call at the beginning of 2022. This long list was reduced to a short list of eleven contestants, who after a careful matchmaking got the opportunity to write a joint proposal together with a scientist/researcher connected to a prominent Dutch research institute.


Hacking Heuristics

By Marlot Meyer and Marcel de Jeu & Jos van der Geest (Erasmus MC)

Hacking Heuristics will, in collaboration with an intelligent machine, research, learn, and ultimately create an experience of a ‘new’ form of embodied language which explores a more intuitive, non-anthropocentric way of sensing and communicating with the world.

According to the jury this project advances an ambitious goal of re-introducing forgotten or unnoticed information back into the body. It is intriguing how they envision this by featuring a strong and essential AI component, as well as an invitation to the audience to experience new haptic sensations and a sublime sense of surrendering control.